A List of What To Do and Not To Do When Playing Casino Games
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Smart Gambling
The best rule of all concerning casino games is knowing the odds associated with the game. Knowing the odds will help the smart player limit his or her play to the games with the best odds for the player. Also within the game, like shooting dice, the player should know the odds that come into play on each type of bet. Some craps bets are weighted toward the house, while others are barely in the houses favor. Dice, Blackjack and Baccarat have the best player odds of any game in the casino. For this reason, these games get the bulk of smart gambler's play at any casino. Some gaming vehicles are so bad for the player; they should be avoided at all times. The Wheel of Fortune is an excellent example.

Learning to play a chosen game is well worth the effort as a player who plays the game well cuts the odds even further from the house edge. An example would be hitting a breaking hand when the dealer shows a bust card when playing Blackjack. Letting the dealer take the chance of busting is the best play possible most of the time. Keno is another popular bet in casinos, but it has a very high house edge. Limit the play to a few games at dinner or breakfast. Chalk up the Keno play as an added cost for the meal. Slots are the most popular game in the casino by far, but the smart gambler sets a tight limit on losses for each session of play.

The longer the player stays and plays, the more likely the bigger loss for the session. Casinos set their odds based on the amount of play they get. Short sessions of play do two things for the player. A short session will keep losses down and if the player is lucky, they will quit while they are ahead in the game. Every gambler has seen a nice win turn into a loss by playing to long at a game.

An even money bet versus a high odds bet is a constant dilemma for the gambler. Every one wants to hit a bet on a single number at roulette and collect 35 to one. One way to do this and cut the odds of hitting a number is keep track of how long it has been before it comes up. If the number you want to play has missed 15 or 20 times in a row, it may be worth a small wager for four or five bets. The theory behind this scheme is the player has missed a long series of what could have been losing bets. It the player hits the number, then the counting starts again. Also a long dry spell of a single number can mean that it will repeat several times when it does show up again. The theory is to play for this situation.

A player should set hourly session limits, for continuous play at a casino or online. Four hour stretches are reasonable and will confine losses to shorter periods of play. Treat each session as a separate entity and do not assume that bad or good luck will follow into the next session. When on a rush of winning bets, increase the size of the bets. When on a losing cycle, decrease the size of the bets. Many players do it completely the other way and play right into the hands of the casino. When losing change games or tables or quit. Do not fight a hot dealer or a cold game. Take a small shot at the large progressive slot games, but do not play to long or let the losses get out of hand.

Insurance bets when playing Blackjack is a bad bet for the player. The odds are too high and the payoff is way to low. The suggestion is let the dealer play the hand and the player should pass on taking the bet. Pai Gow poker is a great game if you have the nerve and the money to take the bank side when you are on a rush. Add up the other players common bets to determine what the loss would be if you lose every hand. If you can afford the risk then make the play.

Quit playing if you are angry or drunk. Anger clouds the judgment and drinking may make a player reckless. The latter is more of an individual result than a cut and dried idea. Some people can swim in booze and it does not seem to affect their play in the slightest.

When playing Baccarat follow the shoe if the shoe is throwing out small runs on either side of the shoe. This means, play the bank or the player when they won the last hand. The theory is that a few hands on the same side will follow. Never fight a strong trend in Baccarat. It will only cost a lot of money to discover that a trend can last far longer than the player thought possible.


Gambling is a game of feelings, hunches and odds. Players who can feel the trend early are lucky and are very likely to make money at the game. Those players that are slow on the take are not likely to be big winners unless they happen into a monstrous run. Pick the games you play with some logic and not because it is the open game you can see on the floor or on the site.

Courage and being foolhardy are not the same. Increasing your bet size when the flow is your way takes courage, but is not foolhardy. Foolhardy is increasing your bet to try and get even when you are losing.

Play games with a low house edge and stay away from sucker bets or propositions. Many of the proposition bets are very poor bets to make. If the house edge were small they would not be offered.

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